No “Happy Mother’s day” from me

I won’t wish you “Happy Mother’s Day” because I think it is very personal. If you know someone wish them accordingly. If you don’t, then pause and think before you speak particularly on this special day.

Mother’s Day is not a happy day for many people. Especially for those who lost their Mothers, for those who use to be a Mother, for those who wish they were a Mother or trying to be a Mother… and although some might say “but you have 3 kids”, motherhood did not come easy for me. I waited 4 long and painful years to feel those first kicks in my belly and those tiny fingers grasping my thumb. It’s painful enough on daily basis when everyone around you is pregnant and has babies and you are loosing hope and your mind. Not to mention all those comments and questions: When are you going to have a baby? Are you planning to have a baby? Oh you don’t know, you don’t have kids…. You can wish me Happy Mother’s Day because for me it is happy and I managed to erase those 4 years out of my head.

So on that day let’s celebrate women because motherhood is not a bond you have with a child through placenta. It’s a mindset. A combination of nurturing nature and unconditional love . Let’s celebrate quietly within our own family because sometimes that love is just a dream or a longing and sometimes it’s sad and lost forever.

So what do you say to a woman with a child on Mother’s Day? I would say: all the best or may all your desires come true.

I wish you peace Ladies. Whether it’s a peace and quiet time or peace of mind or perhaps inner peace or just simply relaxation.



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