S/S 2019 – Wardrobe overhaul

I struggle with my weight for the last 10 years. I went through a year of fertility treatment which basically made me feel like I had PMS 24/7. With that came crazy cravings and weigh gain. After that and just before I got pregnant naturally, weight loss. Then pregnancies one after another. Gain not much after 1st one but then never dropped it before 2nd. Only after my daughter was about 2yo I asked nutritionist for help and managed to shed 14kg in 6 months and then I found out I was pregnant again….

Because of my weight Spring and Summer wardrobe is always a challenge. You have to show more of your body and I guess I didn’t have confidence to do so as I don’t feel completely myself in my body. This year I am changing my attitude. One thing motherhood and getting older thought me is that you have to be happy with yourself. Kids don’t care if you have few extra kg. Wear what you love and what makes you YOU!

So this year I am going to try to build a dreamy S/S wardrobe that can last me few seasons because to be honest my current wardrobe sucks!

I love dresses, skirts and jumpsuits for Spring and Summer. Mostly because they are light, flowy and oversized. One crucial element that attracts my attention is always the fabric. I choose ONLY natural fabrics: cotton, linen, viscose. Cannot stand polyester. It’s gross on your skin and bad for the environment. I noticed though that there is more and more natural and sustainable pieces on the market. I was excited to shop during this littles ASOS sale. OK 20% off is not a great deal but at least chances are you will find your size because people are not buying everything out like crazy.

Here is first part of my wardrobe overhaul.

This red maxi dress is just dreamy. It ticks almost all the boxes: it’s very maxi (I am 168cm and this is literally dragging on the floor) , viscose, oversized, boho style and gorgeous vibrant colour. I normally wear size 12 and took size 16 for that oversized look. It comes with a separate slip which could also be worn on it’s own like a skimpy little number. The only downfall the slip is actually polyester. I don’t think I am going to wear the slip. I will probably try to get a silk slip from eBay. I would style this dress with trainers, large earring and camo or jean jacket or chunky cardigan.

Next up is this lovely NEW LOOK animal print midi dress. Also viscose. Has long sleeve so spring or cooler days in Summer even though it is very thin and light. Top is button down like a shirt but the bottom has a flounce and is actually pretty flowy. It will be great with so many items I already have like leather jacket or black blazer or over wide leg jeans.

Okay this item is not for me. To be honest I ordered it for shits and giggles. I knew I will not keep it. Mostly because of the bust area. My girls would never fit in that. That middle tie would have to be 3x bigger or stitched in the middle and then bow stitched on top but there is just not enough fabric to do that. Additionally the colour was off this was supposed to be a old rose but it’s more brick colour. It would be good for someone with smaller chest because you have to wear it without a bra or have one of those stick on strapless bras. It does however hide mum tum pretty well and has pockets. Once again it’s viscose fabric which is pretty light and breathable.

This jumpsuit is amazing. The colour and the style is perfect. It didn’t work for me because it was too small in chest and also mine had a little fault in fabric at the back. It’s button down, wide leg with belt and pockets. Just like the other items it’s also viscose. You can totally dress it up and down by switching the belt for example, adding a blazer and pair of heels.

There are few more items on my wish list but that’s material for another post. Ciao!


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