The story of my skin…

…is long and not so nice… I have never had a great skin. You know which one I am talking about: one of those glowing, not requiring any sort of coverage, poreless, naturally dewey. I have struggled with bad, worst and better complexion since puberty. As a teenager and into my early 20 I was religiously going to a very good beautician who got me out of skin trouble for few good years. But it all came back with a vengeance as soon as I turned 25.

My wedding. Heavy make up but you can still see it.

Honey moon. No make up. I have no close up photos without makeup.

I spend next 2 years going back and forth to my family doctor, trying this and that. GP prescribed me contraceptives, among other face creams and very nasty pills… which had really bad side effects for me so I stopped taking them after few months. It was a small temporary improvement which would probably improve more with time if I could do it.

Then I found Toronto Acne Clinic (lived in Canada back then). On my first appointment I was told to ditch all moisturisers especially the ones you can get everywhere and stop cleaning skin with water and face soap.

Here is a common misconception about acnes skin. Many people like me suffering from acne have combination skin, which can also be sensitive. Their skin is oily but also dry at the same time. Water washes out natural moisture produced by the skin. This process makes the skin confused, simply speaking, and it starts to produce more oil to deal with dryness. Add moisturiser on top of that and it’s a disaster… Many popular moisturisers also contain ingredients that actually dry out skin even more….why I have no clue but they do. Just google it.

Getting back to my skin story. I continued going to that clinic for few months. At the beginning mostly for cortisone injections ( yup it was that bad). Washed my face only with cleanser and toner. Ditched moisturiser all together and over several months somehow my skin balanced itself out. No acne and no dryness. It was good for the last 13 years.

When I moved to London I discovered new brand The Ordinary which is amazing and major game changer for me. This is a very well priced clinical brand. Sadly lots of the products are not recommended during pregnancy. Which is actually OK because my skin was very good during pregnancies and postpartum. I even got away with washing it again and I continued doing so ( because it’s so convenient: hop in a shower and wash your face…) until my acne started coming back about 8 weeks ago. That was a sign that I have to come back to my old routine. Also decided to deal with all those signs of ageing as big 4-0 is creeping up. I already see improvement.

This is what I do:

At night after wearing make up all day (cause am an old hag and can’t live without it….faceless). I clean my face with NIVEA 2 in 1 Cleanser & Toner for normal and combination skin. I follow up with Glycolic Acid 7% toning solution by Ordinary. I let it dry and apply The Ordinary Buffet Serum (again cause I am old). Additionally 2 x week I put on my face and neck AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution ( it’s like face mask you only put it for 10 minutes) which is washed off with boiled water and follow with the Buffet Serum.

In the morning after I wake up I wipe my face with the same Glycolic Acid toner (but not always, just as needed), then shower and then I apply Azelaic Acid Suspension Formula. Please note I do not clean my face in the morning.

So far I am super happy with the results. My skin has less breakouts and it’s not dry at all.

This is what works for me. I am not an expert on skin care by any means. For me skin is super important. It influences my self esteem. I promised myself that I will age gracefully and won’t use any hardcore treatments like botox or face lift as I am just very grateful and happy not to have acne as adult. I hope this might help someone who is also struggling with this issue. The main trick is to find something that works well for your complexion and stick to it.



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