My style

I have always loved fashion and expressing my personality through it. My favourite designers of all times is John Galliano when he worked for Dior. His clothes were like magic. For someone who knows how to make clothes, Galliano’s creations were master pieces. The cut of the fabric was impossible, genius!

I always liked that dreamy, whimsical type of style. A mixture of different textures, patterns and colours. In my late teens and very early 20s when I was sewing my own clothes the my imagination had no limit. Inspired by my idol, I was making clothes out of anything that was different and unique. I made a red and hot pink pant suit out of striped jacquard curtains, tops out of silk scarfs, various denim dresses, coats and trousers. Also lots of pussybow blouses with large, puffy sleeves. I was super skinny, young and very confident. Then I left Poland for US and Canada and fell in trap of fast, cheap fashion. Still sort of as unique as possible but ready made. I was also working which didn’t leave me a lot of time to sew. I gained weight as per typical cliche of anyone moving out of parents house and also American food… I lost my fashion individuality. I was wearing comfortable clothing for work…cheap, quick only sort of fun for weekends but still mostly comfortable. This fashion confusion lasted for good 10 years with rare breakthrough for special occasions like weddings or Christmas parties. Only after becoming a Mum for second time I managed to loose significant amount of weight with help from nutritionist. I regained my confidence a bit. I think that being older has a lot to do with it as well. Now I dress for myself. Depending on my mood. I don’t care what anyone thinks. I love what I love and am who I am.

My style is very eclectic. I like mixing traditional with modern, classic with boho. Original and statement pieces always catch my eye. Love colour, chunky earrings and weird shoes!

I only use black as an accessory. I love natural fabrics with beautiful textures and patterns. You will very rarely find me wearing polyester (sequin skirt for obvious reasons). I always look for cotton, silk, linen cashmere and wool. It’s is really difficult these days and perhaps that is why my wardrobe is not as fabulous as I would like it to be.

You will also not find me buying that popular IG dress everyone is wearing. I have no longer time for sewing as Mum of three therefore I wear what I can find within my specific criteria. I mosty shop high street brands (except primark, you will not find me there either) with occasional designer here and there. If you love natural, fun clothes that don’t break a budget then say tuned!

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