Who What Where Why… Who am I?

I am a life and fashion loving mum to three clever, creative, genuinely happy, wonderful children who are also cheeky and crazy at times. That creativity and cheekiness is a blessing but also trouble.

I am an immigrant. English is my second language even though I started learning it at the age of 6 and lived in English-speaking countries for half of my life I still make mistakes.

I am also a passionate knitter with love for fine natural fibers. That’s my job! Knitting keeps me sane and relieves my stress.

I am also very crafty. I love birthdays and holidays because of all the preparations. Making decorations and cooking are my favourite crafts.

Some people call me lady MacGyver. I can fix a lot of stuff including a washing machine and a dishwasher. I can put down hardwood floor and tiles. I’m handy in all other aspects of decorating as well.

Who I used to be?

I used to be skinny. I used to wear high heels everyday and I was very stylish. I used to work for big corporations. I used to drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes and go out with friends almost daily. Something I look back at with sentiment and without regret.

What am I going to post here?

Like the title says: fashion and parenting stuff. By all means I am NOT an expert in either (mostly just wing it but I am good at it 😉 I love fashion! It’s my job plus it’s inspiring (for me). I am also a parent with pretty good common sense and analytical thinking (I think) and I want to share some tips which help me along. Some Mum hacks and perhaps good, health (most of the time), tried out recipes for everyone.


I live in London almost central…in one of those growing and upcoming neighbourhoods. I love it! We are staying here. Our kids are more British than anything else.

I used to live in Canada. It was too far, too cold and I felt very lonely there… (Took me a while to realise that… about 11 years).

I was born and raised in Gdansk, Poland. It’s a sea shore city with beautiful beach. Although I don’t want to live there due to many reasons… I love going back.

Why I’m starting this blog?

Mostly for myself because once you start having children your brain takes major hit. So in a way it’s like a brain exercise. It’s a scientific fact I didn’t just come up with that and I’m sure some mothers can relate. Also starting it for my kids. Maybe one day they will read it and see what was motivation behind some of the things I did as a mother. I’m also hoping that some other mums who sometimes feel lost and confused will read this and feel a bit better about themselves and the day that they just had or perhaps they will get some ideas for the future to make their life easier.

2 thoughts on “Who What Where Why… Who am I?

  1. Marcia! Ja jestem z Pucka. Juz teraz rozumiem dlaczego złapalysmy taki ‚kontkat’ 😉 super piszesz. Jesteś w jakimś stopniu inspiracja dla mnie :*


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